Fuel Card

Fuel is one of the top expenses for independent trucking companies. Discount fuel cards help trucking companies purchase fuel at more affordable rates and receive access to other trucking services.

automotive fuel pump reading at 242 pesos

Fuel Card Benefits

Save up to $0.35 per gallon and gain access to other benefits when you choose either the TBS EFS fuel card or the TBS Comdata fuel card. Take advantage of fuel discounts at truck stops nationwide, eliminate the need to carry cash or set up multiple cards, and use the customizable report to keep track of fuel expenditures.

Fuel Card Perks

  • Discounted rates on fuel

  • Tools to keep track of fuel expenditures

  • Set spending limits

  • Specify authorized products for purchase

  • Deposit factor payments directly to the card

  • Access to our TBS Fuel Finder site to fine the cheapest fuel

  • Loyalty programs save you money on tires, parts, legal services, and more...

Find the Best Fuel Savings Along Your Route

Save money on fuel by utilizing our TBS Fuel Finder. Our exclusive Fuel Finder leverages the full power of the TBS discount fuel program with real-time data. TBS Fuel Finder features user-friendly route planning and customer-specific discount fuel prices across the country.

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